Jefferson University Hospitals

Parent & Family Education Programs

Childbirth education is a priority of obstetrical care at Jefferson. Our Parent and Family Education Programs help pregnant women and their partners prepare for the various stages of pregnancy; for labor and birth; and for the postpartum period.

Expectant parents are provided with coping tools and exercises, and you will learn about vaginal delivery, anesthesia, cesarean delivery and newborn care. Similar programs are also available for siblings and grandparents.

In case of questionable weather during the winter months, please call the Parent Education Office at 215-955-6713 or 1-800-JEFF-NOW to see if classes will be held.

A Safe Haven for Newborns

If you're not prepared to be a mom or take care of your newborn, and you don't have anyone to ask for help, there's a place where you can take your baby to ensure his or her safety and health – a Safe Haven. All hospitals in Pennsylvania are Safe Havens. All you have to do is give your newborn (up to 28 days old) to any hospital. That's all. No one will ask questions. No one will judge you. If it's a secret, it will stay a secret.

Contact Parent & Family Education Programs

For questions related to the Parent and Family Education Programs, please call 215-955-6713.