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Maternal-Fetal Medicine

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Maternal Fetal Medicine

The outcome of most high-risk pregnancies today can be improved significantly with skilled intervention.

Perinatologists (specialists in high-risk pregnancy) of Jefferson's Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Philadelphia can help you manage or reduce possible complications if you are considered a high-risk pregnancy.

Working closely with our perinatologists is a dedicated team of obstetricians, genetics professionals, neonatologists and nurse specialists.

Why Choose Jefferson Perinatologists in Philadelphia for Your High-Risk Pregnancy?

We have more perinatologists than any other high-risk pregnancy practice in the Philadelphia region and are one of the few hospitals in the Delaware Valley with the capability of providing intensive care for both high-risk mothers and newborns through our partnership with Nemours Children’s Health System.

If you choose to deliver your baby at Jefferson, you have the comfort of knowing you will not be separated from your newborn if he or she requires critical care following delivery.

Our perinatologists utilize the following diagnostic procedures:

  • Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) – a method of prenatal diagnosis, which has been utilized since 1983. The major benefit of CVS is that it provides genetic diagnostic information early in the pregnancy.
  • State-of-the-art ultrasound equipment
  • Fetal echocardiography – a specialized ultrasound test performed during pregnancy to evaluate the position, size, function and rhythm of the unborn baby's heart. Sound waves reflect or "echo" off of the different moving structures of the heart to give a real-time image that you will see and hear on the TV monitor.
  • 3-D ultrasounds
  • Fetal therapy – complete diagnostic services and care for a wide range of possible genetic and anatomic abnormalities
  • Genetic testing – provides critical information for certain couples who are trying to make important decisions regarding reproduction and pregnancy management

Our Preconception Counseling Program is ideal for women with chronic medical conditions or for those who have experienced complications in a previous pregnancy. Our specialists may be able to plan and help you achieve a healthy pregnancy in the future. Consider scheduling a preconception appointment if you have:

  • A chronic medical problem, such as diabetes or borderline diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, a seizure disorder, kidney or gastrointestinal problems, heart problems, a blood clotting problem or a history of stroke
  • If you take any medication on a regular basis
  • If you are overweight or have had gastric bypass surgery, or if you are significantly underweight
  • If you have had important or complex surgeries
  • If you have had a preterm birth or experienced complications with a previous pregnancy, such as an unusually big or small baby, preeclampsia or a difficult delivery
  • If you have had a second trimester or late pregnancy loss
  • If there are inherited diseases that run in your family or if you have delivered a child with a genetic problem or congenital abnormality
  • If you are concerned about personal behaviors, such as smoking, or exposures in your job or environment that might affect your pregnancy
  • If you are an older mother wondering about the possible risks of pregnancy at a later age or about carrying a multiple gestation as a result of infertility treatments
  • If you have any concerns that you would like to discuss with an experienced professional

Jefferson's Maternal Addiction Treatment Education and Research (MATER) Program provides comprehensive treatment services for substance-abusing pregnant and parenting women and their children in outpatient and residential settings. Our Family Center offers intensive outpatient treatment services while My Sister's Place provides long-term residential treatment.

Services include individual, group and family therapy; obstetrical care; and parent-child services. Facilities include on-site methadone maintenance treatment and inpatient stabilization for opioid-addicted patients. Pregnant women should be referred to the Program as early in the pregnancy as possible. Infants who exhibit withdrawal are treated as inpatients in the Newborn Nursery Service. Please call 215-955-8577 for more information.

To schedule an appointment with our Maternal-Fetal Medicine practice, please call 215-955-5000.