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Maternal Addiction Treatment Education & Research (MATER)

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MATER is a program in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, and includes the Sidney Kimmel Medical College departments of OB/GYN, Pediatrics and Psychiatry.

When you’re part of our programs, you will have access to internationally and internationally recognized treatments. It will start when you meet with a MATER representative from the MATER Family Center (outpatient) or My Sister’s Place (a short- and long-term residential program).  

Person-Centered Approach to Care

Our team at MATER uses a mindfulness and person-centered approach to your care. This means we treat you as our equal partner in your treatment – from planning your initial steps to managing your needs. You and your family will work with our team during every step of the decision-making process.

Why Choose MATER?

Research completed by MATER experts, published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine, found significant improvement in the quality of parenting among mothers who participated in a trauma-informed, mindfulness-based parenting intervention while also in medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder. At MATER, we're also researching how behavioral and pharmacological interventions reduce cigarette smoking, benzodiazepine use and opioid use disorder.

Am I Eligible? 

Family Center Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs

  • 18 years or older
  • Pregnant or parenting
  • Needing treatment for any substance problems

My Sister's Place Residential Program

  • 18 years or older
  • Pregnant or parenting
  • Needing treatment for any substance problems
  • Children under 6 years old are welcome to live in the residence with their mother

Make an Appointment

Call the Family Center at 215-955-3792 for more information or to make an appointment.


Diane J. Abatemarco

Diane J. Abatemarco, PhD, MSW

Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Pediatrics
Director of Maternal Addiction Treatment, Education and Research (MATER)