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Jefferson's Lung Nodule Clinic, one of the first in the Delaware Valley, is staffed and organized by a nurse coordinator and pulmonary medicine specialists with expertise to further evaluate lung nodules.

A "spot on the lung," called a lung nodule, typically isn't a cause for concern as 80 percent are found to be noncancerous (benign). There are many causes for lung nodules, but sometimes they can be the early stages of lung cancer, especially in older adults and smokers.

One-Stop Access for Lung Nodule Evaluation

With support from related disciplines including radiology, thoracic surgery, medical oncology and radiation oncology, the Clinic's staff provides one-stop access to detect whether lung nodules are benign or look worrisome by performing:

  • Serial scans (plain chest X-ray, CT chest or abdomen and sometimes PET), to document stability and watch the nodule's progression
  • A PET scan that shows where possible cancer cells might be, including the lymph nodes in your chest. Your doctor may suggest that you have this done before deciding what type of biopsy to perform. However, if the nodule is less than the size of a marble, a PET scan will be avoided because there is an increased risk of a falsely normal result
  • A biopsy by either bronchoscopy or percutaneous needle under CT, to collect a sample of tissue from the nodule
  • Surgical resection, to completely remove the nodule

The staff follows the Fleischner Society Guidelines to properly diagnose and treat lung nodules and will recommend that you have follow-up appointments to ensure that the nodule does not return.

Make an Appointment for Lung Nodule Evaluation

To schedule an appointment, please call 1-800-JEFF-NOW.