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Liver Transplant Program

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Liver Transplant Program
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Offering patients the shortest time to transplant possible.

Diseases of the liver including cirrhosis, hepatitis and cancer may damage your liver to the point where a transplant becomes a necessity. If you're facing this complex procedure, you'll want to choose a hospital with a lengthy history of successful liver transplantation and one that continues to distinguish itself within the field.

Jefferson Health performed the first liver transplant in the Delaware Valley in 1984, which makes our program the oldest and the longest continuously active in the Philadelphia area. We are also a recognized leader in the field of adult liver transplants.

4-Day Outpatient Evaluation

We understand that timing is critical to our patients. Jefferson patients can now be evaluated for transplant in four days. In these four days, patients will see all necessary physicians and staff members and receive all of the required testing. The patient will be brought to our multidisciplinary meeting to discuss potential listing the following Monday. Our four-day outpatient evaluation and listing process maintains the standards of quality care and attention associated with Jefferson’s world class health facilities and professionals.

What Makes Our Liver Transplant Program Unique?

  • We have easily accessible office locations for pre- and post- care throughout the Delaware Valley and offer convenient telehealth appointments.
  • Achieved five out of five rating by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients for liver transplantation one-year graft survival outcomes and is among the top 8 percent in the country (Source: Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, August 2020 report).
  • Received a four out of five tier rating from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (January 2022 Report)
  • Jefferson patients receive a liver transplant at a median timeframe of 11 months, one of the shortest among the medical centers in the Philadelphia area (Source: Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, June 2016 report).
  • Patient transplant and graft survival rates surpass national and regional benchmarks established by both the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients and the Organ Procurement Transplant Network.
  • We perform both live and deceased donor adult liver transplants – our team of surgeons have performed more than 1,500 liver transplants.
  • We provide liver transplants for pediatric patients through our partnership with Nemours Children’s Health in Wilmington, Delaware.
  • We work in tandem with Jefferson's other subspecialty programs such as the Liver Tumor Center, Fatty Liver Center and the Hepatitis C Center. We are dedicated to helping patients make informed decisions about their liver disease treatments.
  • Designated as a Transplant Center of Excellence by OptumHealth.
  • Performed first liver transplant in the Delaware Valley in 1984 and has completed more than 1,200 liver transplants since.
  • 4-Day Outpatient Evaluation is a time-condensed process tailored for each patient's unique physical, psychological and financial situation.
  • Offers one of the shortest wait before times to liver transplant of any medical center in the Delaware Valley.
  • Excels at surgical procedures resulting in improved patient outcomes, shorter recovery times and fewer complications.
  • Provides expert care and our distinguished teams are consistently recognized for surpassing national averages for liver transplantation survival rates.
  • Designated as an Independence Blue Cross Blue Distinction Center for Transplants® and as an Aetna Institute of Excellence™ Transplant Facility for liver transplants.
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Newly Designated Liver Transplant ICU

  • Now accepting critically ill liver patients 24/7/365
  • Staffed with Intensivists, Liver Transplant Hepatologists and Liver Transplant Surgeons
  • Provide a transport team to facilitate inpatient transfers 24 hours a day - to schedule a transfer, contact the Jefferson Transfer Center at 1-800-JEFF-121

Our Team Approach to Your Individualized Care

One of the hallmarks of our patient- centered care is our team approach. At Jefferson, a designated transplant coordinator helps you through every step of the process — from your initial evaluation and tests, and placement on the organ waitlist, to your liver transplant surgery preparation and ongoing follow-up. Our process is designed to provide you with peace of mind and the highest quality of care, in and out of surgery.

Our team of highly experienced physicians, nurses, social workers and counselors work together to outline a strategy that is tailored to your unique physical, psychological and financial situation. We also collaborate with other medical specialists within Jefferson Health to make sure we address all your healthcare needs. Our continuity of care includes putting you in touch with a support network, comprised of specially trained nurses, social workers, and fellow transplant survivors. In addition, we consult with your referring physician throughout the entire course of your liver disease treatment. Our goal is to create a sustainable plan for your continued health.

Advanced Medical Progress & Procedures

Our liver transplant surgeons perform leading-edge operations that aren't available at every Delaware Valley hospital. These capabilities may provide lifesaving options for some patients who are told elsewhere that their condition is considered non-operable.

  • Deceased Donor Orthotopic Liver Transplant – Removal of the diseased liver from the patient's body and transplantation of a new healthy liver from a deceased donor.
  • Live Donor Orthotopic Liver Transplant – Removal of the diseased liver from the patient's body and transplantation of a new healthy liver from a living donor.
  • Dual Organ Transplant – Our surgical team performs liver and kidney dual organ transplants for patients who have multiple organ failure.
  • Liver Auto-transplant – A procedure in which the liver is removed, the cancerous part cut out, and the organ re-implanted into the patient. We are one of the few hospitals in the world that have successfully performed this procedure for patients who are not candidates for liver transplantation or standard liver resection.
  • "Bloodless" liver resection – Safely removes up to 75 percent of the organ; enables patients to recover in half the time and with less pain than a traditional liver resection
  • Robotic-assisted liver resection – Through a small incision, surgeons can perform complex procedures with a high level of precision and control with this minimally invasive approach

Our specialists also pioneer innovative therapies to improve patients’ quality of life before and after liver transplantation including a new artificial liver assist device and new anti-rejection protocols.

Convenient for Pre- & Postoperative Care

Our "Patient for Life" commitment includes a personalized plan for monitoring your health along with your primary care or referring physician.

While your liver transplant will be performed at our Center City Philadelphia location, our patients may elect to receive their preoperative care, including evaluation, and postoperative care, at Main Line Health's Lankenau Medical Center in Montgomery County and at other locations throughout the Philadelphia region.

Convenient telehealth appointments are also available.

Schedule an Appointment

Call 1-800-JEFF-NOW (1-800-533-3669) to schedule an appointment with a transplant hepatologist. You can also schedule an appointment online.

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