Jefferson University Hospitals

Jefferson Kidney Champion Program

The Jefferson Transplant Institute now offers a Kidney Champion program, which offers an opportunity to spread the word about your loved one’s kidney disease and their need for a living donor. 

As a Champion, it’s your privilege to amplify a patient's voice. It is your job to clearly direct those interested in live donation to the Jefferson Health Transplant Program, where they can be tested and be given the opportunity to donate. Simple as that!

Why are Champions Needed?

When a patient decides to pursue kidney transplant, they must be medically, surgically and psychologically evaluated in order to make sure that they’re a suitable candidate. If it’s determined that a patient can be transplanted safely, he or she is either placed on the deceased donor waitlist or a living donor is evaluated for donation and surgery is scheduled.

A kidney donation and transplantation are processes with many moving parts. With a Champion’s help, a wider net can be cast in order to locate a suitable candidate for donation and have them evaluated quicker. 

How Do I Start?

You can start today! Being a Champion spreads the word about your loved one’s need for a kidney transplant.

Below, you can download a resource guide that will give examples as well as help you be the best Jefferson Kidney Champion you can be.