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Dual Organ Transplant

For some patients with serious illness and multiple organ failure, dual transplantation is a viable treatment that helps restore quality of life. Jefferson surgeons perform this type of transplantation, which includes:

  • Kidney and heart transplantation
  • Kidney and liver transplantation
  • Kidney and pancreas transplantation

Our patients benefit from the depth and breadth of our resources, including a leading Transplant team with comprehensive, multidisciplinary expertise.

If you or someone you care about needs a dual organ transplant, please call Jefferson's Kidney Transplant Program at 1-888-955-TRAN. It may be one of the most important calls you make. We are committed to providing you with the best information and care possible.

Kidney & Pancreas Transplant

For patients with Type 1 diabetes who are in kidney failure, kidney and pancreas transplantation is often an optimal treatment option. A majority of patients who receive a dual transplant benefit from restored quality of life – in many cases, no longer needing dialysis or insulin. For patients awaiting this dual transplant, the pancreas allocation determines the time to transplantation and this means that patients awaiting the dual pancreas/kidney transplant almost always will be transplanted sooner than patients awaiting a kidney alone.

Patients in need of kidney and pancreas transplantation are well-advised to seek out the support of Jefferson. Located in Philadelphia, Jefferson's Kidney Transplant Program is in a geographic area that is served by the Gift of Life OPO. This OPO aggressively pursues pancreas procurement and has a higher rate of procurement of this organ than many other OPOs enabling patients to receive this dual transplantation much more quickly than they could in other parts of the United States.

Why Choose Jefferson for Kidney & Pancreas Transplant in Philadelphia?

While kidney transplantation can use organs from live donors or deceased donors at Jefferson, dual kidney and pancreas uses only deceased donor organs. Our surgeons are extremely experienced in these procedures and they are among the most knowledgeable practitioners in the region. This is critical because pancreas transplantation is a less commonly performed transplant and is more vulnerable to complications than kidney transplantation.

During the evaluation process, a complete discussion of the benefits and risks of this dual transplant is made with every prospective candidate allowing the candidate to make the most informed decisions.

Bloodless Medicine Kidney Transplant Program

At the Jefferson Transplant Institute we are committed to the care, safety and well-being of kidney transplant recipients and living donors who decline blood and/or blood products for personal, ethical or religious reasons through all phases of transplantation. Our team will work with each recipient or living donor to ensure this care is delivered safely and in accordance with the beliefs and preferences of each person.

We have partnered with the Abington - Jefferson Health Center for Bloodless Medicine to institute a seamless process for referral and care of our shared patients.

Please contact the Jefferson Transplant Team to learn more about our Bloodless Medicine Kidney Transplant Program.