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transfer center

The Jefferson Transfer Center's one-call system for referring physicians is fast, efficient, comprehensive and user-centered. Call 1-800-JEFF-121 (1-800-533-3121) to expedite time-sensitive emergency transfers and nonemergent transfers for tertiary care services at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience and the Wills Eye Emergency Department at Jefferson.

Transfer Process Checklist

For reference, follow these easy steps for transferring a patient to Jefferson:

  1. Call the Jefferson Transfer Center, at 1-800-JEFF-121 (1-800-533-3121).
  2. Provide the patient's demographic information and clinical reason for transfer. You may be asked for additional information such as the patient's diagnosis, required level of care, current IV infusions, weight and any special equipment that will be required for transport. For example, an intra-aortic balloon pump, ventilator and/or external/internal pacer. The Jefferson Transfer Center will make all necessary air or ground transportation arrangements. Once the transfer arrangements are finalized, we will provide an estimated time of arrival.
  3. Obtain transfer consent by having the patient or an authorized family member sign an EMTALA-compliant transfer form.
  4. Complete a physician's certification statement of medical necessity for the patient's transport (Medicare patients only).
  5. Prepare a copy of the patient's chart.
  6. Prepare copies of all pertinent diagnostic studies related to reason for transfer. For example, lab work and EKGs.
  7. Fax a demographic sheet to 215-503-2694.