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JeffQuit - Smoking Cessation Program

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JeffQuit is the area's leading hospital-based smoking cessation program. Based on a proven method, JeffQuit maximizes success by gradually decreasing the amount of nicotine over a three-week period – providing the greatest reduction of withdrawal symptoms.

How Does JeffQuit Help Me Quit Smoking?

JeffQuit is a three-week program with one group session each week. The program begins with sessions on the second Tuesday of every month. JeffQuit combines the following elements to maximize success during the treatment process:

  • Three powerful sessions with a stop-smoking expert
  • Stop-smoking aids
  • Hypnosis
  • Individual support and coaching

We also offer:

  • Discounted acupuncture and stress-reduction programs
  • Individual and group fitness
  • Yoga
  • Diet, nutrition support and more

These activities can help you repair and optimize your health as a nonsmoker.

How Do I Enroll in JeffQuit?

Space is limited. To enroll, please call 215-955-2221.

What is the Cost of JeffQuit?

The program fee is $249, which is less than what you may spend on cigarettes for the month.