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Preparing for Your Visit

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Patient filling out intake form

General Information for All Patients

  • Please bring your insurance card, doctor’s prescription, photo ID; recent CT, MRI or PET films with you if they were not performed at a Jefferson facility.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing with minimal jewelry.
  • Please give 24-hour notice to cancel appointments. 
  • In the best interest of your child's safety, please make arrangements for their care while you are having your test performed at our facilities. 

Call 215-503-4900 to speak to a representative about your procedure, including test preparations, directions and parking information. An insurance specialist can also direct you when a referral or pre-authorization is required for a procedure. 

On the day of your MRI Enterography:

  • Fast for 4 hours prior to arriving for your MRI exam. You can drink water during these 4 hours.
  • You can take all medication as usual.
  • Arrive 1.5 hours prior to your appointment time for registration and to take oral contrast.
  • There are no instructions for after your MRI study. You can eat and drink normally.

On the day of your CT scan:

  • You are allowed to eat and drink. Fluids are encouraged.
  • Depending on the reason for your exam, you may be given oral contrast upon arrival.

On the day of your exam

  • Do not wear metal between your neck and knees.
  • Wear pants with no metal eyelets or zippers.
  • You can wear sports bras, as long as they do not have metal in them.

Here's how to prepare for your MRI:

  • No dietary restrictions
  • No pacemaker
  • No electrical pacer wires
  • No defibrillators
  • If you have an aneurysm clip, heart valves, or other implantable devices, please bring documentation about the type, make/model and implant date
  • If you have a neurostimulator, we may be unable to perform your exam. We will make every effort to contact you before your appointment if this is the case.

In preparation for your PET/CT at Jefferson Outpatient Imaging, we ask that you:


  • If you are a patient of Oncology, fast for 6 hours prior to PET/CT exam
  • If you are a patient of Neurology, fast for 4 hours prior to PET/CT exam
  • If you are being scanned for Sarcoidosis, the technologist will call you two days before your appointment with your prep information

Drink plenty of water (NO soda, coffee, juice or tea)

On the day of your PET/CT scan:

  • No gum, hard candy, or breath mints (including "sugar-free.") Sugar in the body can affect test results.
  • Wear warm, loose, comfortable clothing without zippers or metal of any kind. These may interfere with your imaging study.
  • Take any scheduled medications, and follow the prep your technologist gave you if you have diabetes.

In accordance with Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Jefferson Outpatient Imaging and Radiology (“Jefferson Outpatient”) does not discriminate based on disability in the provision of its medical services. Jefferson Outpatient will make reasonable modifications to its policies, practices or procedures, when necessary, to provide its medical services (whether by appointment or on a walk-in basis) to individuals with disabilities, unless such modifications would fundamentally alter the nature of its medical services. 

Jefferson Outpatient staff will help patients seeking assistance transfer to imaging equipment or examination tables. Staff will ask the patient exactly what type of assistance they need and how they prefer assistance in order to provide a safe and effective transfer. 

Jefferson Outpatient staff have been and will continue to be trained in proper transfer techniques and will use staff, adjustable equipment (where available), or patient lifts (when appropriate) to assist an individual with a mobility impairment or other disability to transfer to imaging equipment or examination tables.