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The Sarcoidosis Program within the Jane and Leonard Korman Respiratory Institute — Jefferson Health and National Jewish Health aims to provide patients with access to the latest diagnostic and treatment strategies available in sarcoidosis and other granulomatous disorders of the lung.

This program partners with other pulmonologists, radiologists, cardiologists, thoracic surgeons, and other specialists with the intention of providing multidisciplinary comprehensive care to patients. 

Sarcoidosis is a systemic illness (one that affects the entire body) of unknown cause that often affects the lungs. It begins with discrete inflammatory lesions in tissues called granulomas. These granulomas may extend into vital organs like the lung, heart, liver, and brain and cause a number of symptoms. Although this condition is mild and even reversible in some cases, it can also lead to extensive tissue fibrosis (thickening and scarring) and permanent organ damage. 

Patient Education

Learning more about sarcoidosis might help you understand the best course of action. This information might help you understand the condition:

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