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Digestive Health Institute

Digestive Health Institute

Our Programs

Barrett's Esophagus Center

Our Center is one of only a few dedicated Barrett's centers in the country

Celiac Center

In 2011, the Jefferson Celiac Center became Philadelphia’s first celiac disease center.

Center for Genetic & Metabolic Liver Disease

The Center for Genetic and Metabolic Liver Disease offers a multispeciality approach to the diagnosis and management of a rare group of disorders that can cause skin or neurologic problems.

Complex Colon Polyp Center

Led by a multidisciplinary team of experts who evaluate and treat patients with complex colon polyps and early-stage colon cancers.

Fatty Liver Center

We improve the diagnosis and management of your fatty liver disease.

Gastrointestinal Motility Program

Jefferson's Program offers a broad range of advanced diagnostic capabilities to help accurately diagnose motility disorders.


Our expert hepatologists, pathologists, radiologists and other specialists will provide a coordinated approach to the management of your hepatitis C.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program

Through the Program, our physicians provide the latest diagnostic technologies for IBD.

Liver Tumor Center

We specialize in treating benign liver tumors, hepatocellular carcinomas, cholangiocarcinomas, neuroendocrine tumors and liver metastases failing regular chemotherapy.

Pancreaticobiliary Program

This Program was established to provide you with a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to disorders of the pancreas and bile ducts.

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