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Dentistry — General, Pediatric & Orthodontics

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General Dentistry Services

Jefferson Dental Associates offers a complete range of services. These include:

  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Oral surgery
  • Periodontics (gum surgery)
  • Root canal therapy
  • All aspects of cosmetic dentistry, including bonding, porcelain veneers and bleaching

You'll feel confident that you are receiving the highest quality care when you choose Jefferson Dental Associates. We offer all patients modern technology and equipment, the latest pain-free techniques for care and dental services with general anesthesia in the operating room suites at Jefferson.

To schedule an appointment with Jefferson Dental Associates, please call 215-955-6666 or 1-800-JEFF-NOW.

Pediatric Dentistry Services

Oral health is just as important in infants and children as it is in adolescents and adults. At Jefferson Dental Associates, our pediatric dentists work toward the maintenance of baby teeth until they are naturally lost. We provide a number of services specifically for infants and children, including:

  • Baby teeth cleaning
  • Dental sealants to protect teeth from decay
  • Fluoride treatments for the prevention of decay and cavities
  • Regular check-ups

It is recommended that an infant's first dental visit should occur within six months after the first tooth comes in or by your child's first birthday.

To schedule an appointment with Jefferson Dental Associates, please call 215-955-6666 or 1-800-JEFF-NOW.

Orthodontic Services

If you were born with crooked teeth or have an oral habit – such as thumb sucking or nail biting – that has caused a misalignment of your teeth, you may want to see an orthodontist. Orthodontists at Jefferson have extensive and specialized training in diagnosing and treating irregularities and malocclusions (misalignments) of teeth. Our staff also understands what a significant difference in health and self-esteem a beautiful smile can make, which is why we are dedicated to giving you the straight, beautiful smile you deserve.

Preadolescent and Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment

Timing of orthodontic treatment for our younger patients is important. We do not believe all youngsters require immediate intervention, as some problems will resolve as development progresses. In other cases, there may be little advantage to early intervention, but an evaluation at approximately age 7 provides the opportunity to make the appropriate recommendation.

During your child's initial evaluation, we will first determine if there are any problems that need to be addressed, such as potential crowding, open bite, overbite or gummy smiles. It is possible that immediate treatment is not necessary at the time or even at all. However, if treatment is indicated, we will create a personalized treatment plan for your child that will prove to be the most beneficial.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

It's never too late to improve your smile. We offer a full range of treatments specifically designed for adults – leaving you with a dramatically different smile and healthier bite.

Orthodontic treatment is not only designed to improve the appearance of your smile, but improve the health of your teeth and gums as well. By seeking orthodontic treatment as an adult you can possibly avoid severe tooth decay, gum and bone loss, irregular wear of the tooth enamel and TMJ/TMD pain.

We offer a wide selection of braces to meet the individual needs and desires of each of our adult patients. From traditional metal braces and ceramic braces to clear aligners that can be worn to improve mild cases of misaligned teeth, we are confident we can help you achieve and maintain the beautiful, healthy smile you've always dreamed about.

If you or your child can potentially benefit from orthodontic treatment, please call 215-955-8802 to schedule an appointment.