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Dr. Mary Stephens explains Jefferson’s Continuing Care Program.

Primary Care for Patients with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Adolescents, post-adolescents, and those well into adulthood often face significant challenges finding the right fit as they switch from pediatricians to adult providers. Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, or other complex childhood-onset conditions, are especially impacted during the transition.

Jefferson’s Continuing Care Program, located at Jefferson Health – Navy Yard, provides a comfortable space for our care teams to work with patients and help guide them as they continue to grow. 

The highest quality of primary care is given to patients with, but not limited to, the following conditions:

  • Autism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Down syndrome
  • Spina Bifida

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Jefferson Continuing Care Program is currently accepting new and established patients appointments using telemedicine. Download the MyChart App today and contact us for an appointment at 1-800-JEFF-NOW.

Jefferson’s first priority is your health and safety. To help you during this time, below are recommended resources to help you better understand COVID-19 and its impact on people with intellectual and developmental disabilities:

DSMIG-USA and our partners have updated the Intellectual and Developmental Disability COVID-19 Vaccination Position Statement to reflect the most current local and national guidance. 

At this time, we recommend the COVID-19 vaccine and booster shots for all children and adults with Down syndrome or other intellectual disabilities who are eligible who do not have a specific contraindication to the vaccine. Our recommendation is consistent with national and local guidelines for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The attached full statement (PDF) contains additional information supporting our recommendation as well as answers to questions we have received. If individuals with Down syndrome or another intellectual disability have concerns about the vaccine, we recommend discussing their concerns with their health care provider.

Why is a Continuing Care Program Important?

All too often, patients who grow out of the pediatric space have no resources available to help them. Our program providers will help your loved one transition into this new care team, while minimizing the amount of appointments and locations necessary for their care.

Our goal is to make sure your visit is as stress-free as possible. Our Navy Yard location offers numerous specialties under one roof. Free parking and easy access to I-95 are just a couple of the benefits we offer in South Philadelphia. The team at Jefferson Continuing Care Program are here to meet patients wherever they are on their road to health. We develop individualized care to maximize independence.

Make an Appointment

Call 1-800-JEFF-NOW (1-800-533-3669) to make an appointment, or request an appointment below.