Jefferson University Hospitals

Research Opportunities

Our patients have the opportunity to participate in research studies focused on genetic susceptibility to cancer, cancer risk, screening and prevention. We also have a research laboratory which is dedicated to genetic studies.

Current research studies include:

  • Evaluation and Management for Prostate Oncology, Wellness, and Risk (EMPOWeR) – Offers clinical genetic testing to men with and at risk for prostate cancer. Eligible participants have the cost of genetic testing covered by the study. The study also includes the option to participate in a research registry which will store DNA for future research.
  • PROMPT study (multi-institutional study) – Focused on characterizing and interpreting genetic variants in moderate penetrant genes and variants of uncertain significance. 
  • Cancer Genetics Risk Registry – A registry of patients with any cancer or at-risk individuals evaluated for genetic risk.  We will collect medical, family history, behavioral data as well as DNA for cancer risk research.

Please contact Laura Gross at 215-503-5285 for more information about any of these studies.