Jefferson University Hospitals

Our Community Programs

The Center's initiatives reflect the diversity of the people we serve. A representative listing includes:

Blood Pressure Plus Program

Blood Pressure Plus is a program designed to increase the awareness about hypertension by providing monthly blood pressure screenings to the population of Point Breeze and Gray Ferry communities in Philadelphia. Get dates and times.

Breast Health Awareness Programs

This program is designed to help women increase their knowledge of breast cancer by providing information on the disease process, risk factors, early signs and demonstrating breast self-exams for early detection. Women who do not have health insurance and are in need of a mammogram are referred to the Healthy Women 40+ Program. Program sites include churches, senior apartments, senior centers, transitional housing and homeless shelters.

Career Sense Network

The goal of our Career Sense Network is to build the support and skills needed for low-skilled adults to retain and advance their jobs by creating an integrated, one-stop center that weaves together occupational counseling, job training, peer support and mental and physical health services.

The Convergence of Law and Medicine

The purpose of this study is to discuss program planning and evaluation of Health, Education and Legal Assistance Programs: A Medical-Legal Partnership (HELP: MLP), a pilot program addressing the unmet legal needs of patients in order to improve health.

Diabetes Education Programs

The Center for Urban Health works collaboratively with the Jefferson Diabetes Center to offer the "Learning to Manage and Live with Diabetes" program. This program provides individuals and families living with diabetes and prediabetes education tools and resources to better self-manage diabetes, reduce complications and improve quality of life.

This program is accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

The Center for Urban Heath's Community Diabetes Prevention Program is a free program for eligible participants that provides support and educational opportunities to help you prevent Type 2 diabetes.

JeffPEERS's (People, Empowered, Educated, and Ready to Support) Victory Over Diabetes Expo includes interactive health workshops, exercise sessions and more.

Health Empowerment Centers (HEC)

On an individual level, the goal of the HEC Initiative is to develop high-quality, dignified, accessible and comprehensive health-education services that are responsive to the needs of highly vulnerable populations. On a community level, the HEC Initiative seeks to promote and develop community programs that empower the residents to make their environment a healthy place to live.

Mental Health First Aid Training

The Center for Urban Health hosts a free Mental Health First Aid Training course that teaches individuals how to help those experience mental health challenges or crises.

Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Education and Access to Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Project

The goal of this project was to determine the feasibility and efficacy of providing fresh fruit and vegetables and nutrition education programs in the community and at senior centers.

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits is an educational program for children in grades K-8 in afterschool programs. The overall goal is to increase their knowledge of healthy habits as well as incorporating them into their daily lives. Through this program, both children and their families who are residents in the Grays Ferry and Point Breeze sections of Philadelphia have access to education, pre/post testing, screening and interactive activities to set them on a journey of good health.

Reducing Stroke and Prostate Cancer in African American Men

This research project used both qualitative and quantitative methodology to evaluate community-based interventions designed to raise awareness, increase knowledge and modify attitudes and behaviors in African American men ages 35+ about hypertension, stroke and prostate cancer.

Southeastern Pennsylvania (SEPA) Regional Enhancements Addressing Disconnects (READS) in Cardiovascular Health Communication

The objective of SEPA-READS is to enhance the capacity of healthcare systems and health professionals to address literacy needs and improve adults' (ages 50 and up) understanding of cardiovascular heath information.