Jefferson University Hospitals

Breast Cancer Survivorship Program

Survivors of breast cancer have different concerns than those who are currently receiving treatment. Jefferson's Department of Radiation Oncology recognizes the challenges breast cancer survivors face and has formed the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program, designed to prevent, detect and treat the long-term complications you may experience from your cancer treatment.

What Does the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program Involve?

In addition to assessing the status of the patient's breast cancer, emphasis is placed on health promotion, disease prevention and overall well-being. An extensive physical and psychosocial assessment will take place. Concerns and needs that are specific to a breast cancer survivor will be addressed.

What makes our Breast Cancer Survivorship Program unique among programs offered for breast cancer survivors at other institutions in the Philadelphia area is our multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer survivor care. Each patient who enrolls in the Program will be given a survivorship team that includes experienced oncologists and care providers — a nurse practitioner, oncology-certified nurse and social worker.

When am I Eligible to Participate in the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program?

Your physician will determine when it is best for you to transfer to our Breast Cancer Survivorship Program. If you have completed treatment at least two years prior, then you are eligible to participate.

Please call 215-955-6702 to learn more.