Jefferson University Hospitals

Referring Physicians

Jefferson Health ranks among the best for cancer care according to U.S. News & World Report.

Our care team works together as multidisciplinary entities to perform a thorough evaluation of each individual’s disease. An appropriate clinical trial or standard of care protocol is then recommended based on each patient’s unique circumstance. 

We have extensive expertise in haploidentical, or half-matched, transplants, allowing patients with limited traditional sibling or unrelated options to receive treatment. We also pioneered a “2-step” transplant process, greatly reducing the risks associated with graft-vs-host disease. 

Our program offers a comprehensive range of transplant services, from our apheresis center to our cell processing laboratory, from outpatient workup to inpatient transplant, including stem cell collection, manipulation, infusion, treatment, and post-transplant care, including photopheresis. 

Refer your patients to us early

At Jefferson, patients are our primary focus. Physicians can be reassured that when their patients are referred to our program, they will receive premium care. Each patient is cared for as an individual and treatment is geared toward his or her unique disease. Our goal is to begin assessment within 48 hours of referral. The earlier you send your patient to us, the better chance of their survival. Patient care is provided before, during, and after transplant or cellular therapy.  Our transplant attending physicians will maintain regular communication with you throughout the process.  Once complete, our physicians will return the patient to your care for continued treatment and follow-up. 

Our services include: 

  • A full roster of clinical trial options, including transplant and immunotherapy protocols
  • Autologous and allogeneic adult transplants
  • Stem cell transplant protocols with fully or partially matched donors 
  • Haploidentical transplant program, which may shorten time to treatment
  • Monitoring and managing graft versus host disease
  • Outpatient preparation, transplant, and early discharge transplants for eligible patients
  • A seamless continuity of care through in-house cell processing laboratory, apheresis facility, and photopheresis program
  • All current commercially available cellular therapy products, i.e., CAR-T cells for hematologic cancers and solid tumors
To refer your patient, or for more information, please call 215-503-1643.