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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a stem cell/bone marrow transplant?

A bone marrow transplant, also called a stem cell transplant, is a treatment in which a patient receives healthy stem cells to replace damaged ones. The cells can either come from the patient (autologous) or from someone else (allogeneic).

Does getting a transplant hurt?

Getting a transplant doesn’t hurt but some parts of the procedure may feel uncomfortable to some patients. The care team works to make the patient as comfortable during the procedure as possible.

What is a “Care Team” and who is part of it?

Your Care Team consists of your physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, pharmacists, and more. You will have both inpatient and outpatient Care Teams. Outpatient Care Teams are generally a fixed set of providers you see during each visit. Inpatient Care Teams may change depending on how long you are in the hospital.

How is a donor chosen?

Donors are required only for allogeneic transplants. A donor is selected based on several factors: the patient’s HLA typing, disease, gender, donor’s age and gender, etc.

What is CAR-T Therapy?

CAR-T Therapy is a new type of immunotherapy that can be used to treat certain cancers. Learn more about our approach using CAR-T Therapy.

Does a transplant procedure have to occur in the hospital? For how long?

Whether you will be in the hospital and for how long depends on several factors, including what type of transplant or cellular therapy you are receiving and your individual social situation.

What should I bring into the hospital?

Comfortable skid-resistant shoes or socks, clothes that are comfortable and can provide easy access to your central line. You can also bring books, crossword puzzles, a laptop or tablet, and chargers for your electronic devices.

What should I not bring into the hospital?

Any weapons (including pocketknives), room fans, live plants or flowers, or mattress coverings.

Can I receive mail or packages while I am in the hospital?

Yes, you can receive mail. Please ask your nurse for the correct mailing address. Please note: fresh fruit baskets and flowers should NOT be sent to the hospital.

What is the address of the Stem Cell Transplant and Cellular Therapy Program?

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, 117 South 11th Street, 14th Floor Pavilion Building, Philadelphia, PA 19107

What can I eat during my hospital stay?

  • Hospital meals are delivered 3 times per day. A daily menu is provided to allow you to select your choices.
  • Food can be brought in from home or local eateries. Containers must be labeled and stored in the kitchen refrigerator. You cannot order fresh fruit or vegetables from outside venues (this includes vegetables placed on sandwiches (lettuce/tomato, etc.).
  • Patients can eat fresh fruit and vegetables if they are brought to you on your hospital tray.

Are there any long-term complications from the transplant?

As with all procedures, there can be complications. Please speak with your care team for more information regarding your specific situation. These will be discussed during your initial consultation with your transplant physician.

How much does a transplant cost? Is my transplant covered by my insurance?

Most transplants are covered by insurance, though all insurances cover services at different rates. We suggest patients contact their insurance companies to determine their exact coverage. Our financial counselors are always available to guide the patient through the insurance world.

How can I help leading-edge research at Jefferson?

Visit our donation page to contribute to future treatment and technology.