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Balance & Hearing Center

Hearing loss, balance disorders and ear disease significantly affect your quality of life. Most people over the age of 65 have some hearing loss. By age 80, almost everyone does.

The elderly are not the only ones at risk. The most common cause of hearing loss in children is otitis media (middle ear infection), a disorder that predominantly affects infants and young children. A substantial number of hearing impairments are caused by environmental factors such as noise, drugs and toxins.

Balance disorders are the number one health complaint of patients over the age of 70. Less than 10 percent of patients with balance and vestibular disorders are ever evaluated by a specialist (otologist, neuro-otologist, audiologist or neurologist). Vestibular disorders cause 50 percent of falls experienced by the elderly.

Relief for these conditions can be found at the Jefferson Balance and Hearing Center, where a team of physicians and doctors of audiology offers comprehensive evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation as well as state-of-the-art hearing aid technology, cochlear implants, implantable devices and custom ear molds.

Balance & Hearing Evaluations, Diagnoses & Treatments

Evaluations to determine the exact cause of your problem are performed by otolaryngologists (ears, nose and throat physicians) and audiologists to rule out any infection, injury or other medical condition. These can include hearing tests and dizziness and balance testing. 

Once a diagnosis is determined, your physician may provide a range of personalized treatments that have been proven safe and effective in controlling most balance disorders. Some conditions can be controlled with medication or a change in diet, while others require surgical intervention. Physical therapy and exercise may be added to the treatment plan for dizziness, and physical therapists of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine are specially trained in treating patients with balance and dizziness complaints.