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Abdominal Imaging Division

Jefferson's Abdominal Imaging Division in Philadelphia consists of attending physicians as well as body imaging fellows. The attending physicians are board-certified radiologists specializing in abdominal imaging, many of whom further subspecialize in specific body regions or imaging techniques. The fellows are board-certified radiologists who have chosen to obtain further advanced training as body imaging specialists.

Several members of the Division are pioneers in the use of cross-sectional interventional techniques.

Abdominal Imaging Services Offered

  • CT angiography — can use a variety of post-processing techniques to show in exquisite detail the relationship of vascular structures to the surrounding anatomy
  • CT-guided biopsy — biopsy of an aortocaval node
  • CT enterography — shows abnormal mucosal enhancement and structure in the small bowel in a patient with Crohn's disease.
  • CT urography — shows stones in a dilated left collecting system due to congenital ureteropelvic junction obstruction.
  • Multiphase postcontrast imaging and advanced 3-D reconstruction — enables better delineation of the relationships between the pancreas and surrounding structures — in this case allowing a diagnosis of groove pancreatitis in a patient with suspected malignancy. Advanced visualization techniques greatly assist in surgical planning.

An exciting new development in the Division is our ability to noninvasively visualize the coronary arteries and the functioning of the cardiac chambers using multidetector CT. This technique, known as coronary CT angiography, should be able to replace invasive cardiac catheterization in a significant percentage of patients with suspected heart disease.

Abdominal Imaging Research & Education

Our staff is engaged in research in a variety of areas, including vascular imaging techniques, patient safety issues, dose reduction techniques, gastrointestinal imaging and evaluation of the cancer patient.

Visit the Abdominal Imaging Division at Thomas Jefferson University for more on research and education.

Division Leadership