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"Sustainability" calls for policies and strategies that facilitate going green. Because of the size of our organization, Jefferson recognizes that it has a responsibility to be a strong and effective steward of its resources. We will strive to meet this responsibility through the development and implementation of comprehensive sustainable practices while remaining true to the three-fold mission of delivering excellence in patient care, medical education and research – all in a financially prudent manner.

Raising Awareness & Expanding "Green" Practices

More than 120,000 healthcare facilities in the United States create 5 million tons of solid waste annually and use 115 trillion BTUs of energy per year – 11 percent of all commercial consumption. We believe there is a significant opportunity to raise awareness, strengthen and expand existing "green" practices and encourage participation at Jefferson. This is especially important as we expand wellness initiatives and enhance employee morale, supporting improved patient outcomes and our environmental profile.

We are very pleased with the work that champions throughout the organization have taken in the past to improve Jefferson's environmental profile. In fact, we have won several awards as a result of these efforts.

Moving forward, we have formed a Sustainable Council comprised of staff from Thomas Jefferson University, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Jefferson University Physicians to augment each Division's progress toward reducing their environmental impact through a collaborative committee framework.

How You Can Get Involved

Sustainability calls for policies and strategies that facilitate going green. E-mail your detailed idea to the co-chairs of the Sustainability Council, Shelley Chamberlain and/or Randy Haines.

Be a champion for the environment:

  • Share your ideas on conserving energy (and materials) at Jefferson
  • Reduce the amount of paper used
  • Print on both sides of the paper
  • Think before you print
  • Turn off lights and electronic devices
  • Turn computers off at the end of the day, unless otherwise instructed
  • Recycle paper, toner cartridges, bottles, cans, cell phones and batteries

Our Successes

At Jefferson, we have had success in the following:

  • Signed Healthy Food in Healthcare Pledge in 2007
  • A key role in supporting Common Market, a non-profit to link local farmers to institutions
  • Jefferson Methodist Hospital reduced Regulated Medical Waste by 3 pounds per patient day. We won the 2008 EPA Trailblazer award for this waste reduction.
  • Subsidize mass transit by 15 percent – 4,000 participants
  • One of the first hospitals in the region to implement a comprehensive Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Program
  • 35% of our electricity will be supplied from a wind farm in northern PA (zero pollution!)
  • 901 Walnut is a LEED Silver (energy-efficient) building with a green vegetative roof
  • Won the 2008 EPA Trailblazer Award for regional leadership in commitment and implementation of sustainable food practices at Jefferson
  • Employee application process is paperless

Our Ongoing Goals

  • Participating in Balance Menu Challenge. Goal to reduce the consumption of meat by 20 percent.
  • 35 percent of our electricity will be supplied from a wind farm in northern Pennsylvania (zero pollution)
  • Implement Hospital-wide paper recycling and reduce the use of paper via the Paper Awareness and Reduction Effort (P.A.R.E.)