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Mature Couple Enjoying Meal In Restaurant

Free Weight Management Class

Get in-depth information about protein, fat, carbohydrates, calories, meal planning and restaurant eating from the point of view of weight management and enabling weight loss.

3-Session Prepared Childbirth

This is a 3-session lamaze class to help pregnant women understand how to cope with giving birth, including focused breathing, movement and massage.
glucose meter

Intensive Insulin Management: A 3-Part Series

For patients with Type 1 diabetes who are either planning to go on an insulin pump or who want to control their diabetes with multiple daily injections.
Adult Mother & Daughter

OPTIFAST Informational Session

This 800-calorie-per-day liquid product is a more rapid, yet medically safe way of losing weight. Come to this free session to learn more and see if it's right for you.

Infant and Child CPR Class

For anyone who cares for a child, this class will help you be prepared for any unexpected events and emergencies you may face.

Stroke Support Group

If you have questions about stroke or want to listen to others about their experience with stroke, come to our Stroke Support Group.

Marvelous Multiples

Marvelous Multiples offers a program of prenatal education that will meet the needs of women pregnant with more than one baby.
Jefferson Breastfeeding Phillies Game

Join Jefferson at the Phillies on August 10

Show your support of breastfeeding by joining us on August 10 at the Phillies vs. New York Mets game!

Swallowing Disorders Support Group

If you or a family member has a swallowing problem or is unable to eat by mouth because of the swallowing problem, come to Jefferson's Swallowing Disorders Support Group.

Breastfeeding Class

Join us for a free class on learning the basics of breastfeeding.