Jefferson Health

Getting Started with the Jefferson-GetWellNetwork

To access the Jefferson-GetWellNetwork system, please do the following:

  • Press the POWER button on remote control to turn on the TV.
  • Press the MENU button.
  • Use the edges of the SELECT button to navigate around the screen.
  • Press the middle of the SELECT button to choose available options.

Get a Tour

Explore the Jefferson-GetWellNetwork system and learn how to make the most of its features. From the Welcome screen, select MY STAY and then WELCOME. Select TOUR GETWELLNETWORK.

Helpful Tips

  • Using the MENU button - If at any time you get an error message or blank screen, or if you want to exit out of a screen or video, press the MENU button to return to the Welcome screen.
  • Typing numbers - If you find you are typing numbers when pressing the letter keys on the keyboard, press the NUM LOCK key and try again.
  • Looking for a mouse - The Jefferson-GetWellNetwork system does not require a mouse. You can use the remote control or wireless keyboard to navigate around the system.
  • Looking for a laptop connection - Jefferson-GetWellNetwork is designed to enable Internet access through the in-room TV monitor and does not currently support a laptop connection.