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Jefferson Hosts Investment Icon Jack Bogle for Discussion on Health Care and Finance


Event Marks 21st Anniversary of Bogle’s Heart Transplant

Investment Icon Jack Bogle

PHILADELPHIA (February 14, 2017) — On February 21, Thomas Jefferson University will host Vanguard Group founder and investment icon John C. “Jack” Bogle for a panel discussion on the intersection of health care and finance, celebrating the 21st anniversary, to the day, of the heart transplant that saved his life. In addition to the panel discussion, Bogle will share his personal transplant story.

Bogle will share the stage with the two surgeons who performed his transplant, Rohinton Morris, MD, the Anthony Narducci Professor and Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Louis Samuels, MD, Professor of Surgery, who both recently joined Jefferson. Stephen Klasko, MD, MBA, President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, will lead the discussion.

“The 21 years of vitality I have enjoyed since my heart transplant are nothing short of a miracle. My new heart gave me a wonderful outlook on life, the ability to face adversity with a smile, and to put the problems of the past just where they belong—in the past,” said Bogle. “Given this second chance at life, I’ve been able to accept the challenge Kipling laid down for those who ‘face both triumph and disaster: To treat those two imposters just the same.’ For the past 21 years, I’ve been able to energetically continue my mission to give investors everywhere a fair shake. It’s a privilege to appear onstage with these two wonderful surgeons who have given me an additional 21 years of life … and counting.”

When he was 38 years old, Bogle was diagnosed with arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia (ARVD), which causes the heart to beat erratically. At age 66, after six heart attacks, he received his transplant. Today, he remains healthy and as optimistic as ever.

 “Everyone knows that Jack’s index fund has beaten the average mutual fund, but he’s also beaten the odds when it comes to his heart,” said Morris, who led the recent re-launch of Jefferson’s heart transplant program, poising it for growth. “By taking a proactive approach to his health, Jack has been an extraordinary steward of the gift of life. His story is an inspiration to others.”

“This event is special for so many reasons, foremost for the chance to see the wonderful reunion of Jack and his surgeons,” said Klasko. “It is also an opportunity for the Jefferson community to interact with an intellect like his at a time of disruption and rapid change. There is much healthcare can learn from finance. It’s going to be a fun and energizing conversation.”

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