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Phase III Immunotherapy Trial for Migraine Shows Positive Results

November 30 , 2017
An antibody therapy against a key inflammatory molecule involved in migraines reduces the number of headaches that chronic migraine patients experience per month in a phase III trial.
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A New Way to Reduce Surgery Complications Stemming from High Blood Sugar

November 16 , 2017
Using a different marker to track a patient’s glycemic levels could help improve outcomes after surgery for diabetic and non-diabetic patients alike.
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Could Surgery Reduce Frailty in Adults with Heart Failure?

November 14 , 2017
Patients showed a reduction in measures of frailty after surgery for left-ventricular-assist-device (LVAD)
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New Transplant Policy Breaks Down Racial Barriers

August 27 , 2017
For years, the national organ-allocation policy unintentionally discriminated against minorities. As available scientific research progressed, United Network for Organ Sharing revisited the way in which organs are matched with recipients.
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Staying Healthy? Don’t forget your liver.

August 25 , 2017
Hepatitis C, liver cancer, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) are just three of the hundreds of types of overlooked liver diseases that can affect your health and well-being. Consumer Reports recently provided readers with ways to keep their livers healthy.
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In the News: Pain Meds after C-Section

August 19 , 2017
Jefferson Health OB-GYN Dr. Baxter spoke to Newsworks about safe and appropriate prescribing of opioids after a cesarean section.
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