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Mijail Serruya, MD, PhD

Jefferson University Physician

Academic Title: Assistant Professor
Co-Medical Director, Comprehensive Concussion Center

Neurology - Cognitive Neurology
Neurology - General (Not Accepting New Patients)

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789 E. Lancaster Avenue
Villanova PA 19085
Phone: (215) 503-9070
Fax: (610) 527-1950
909 Walnut Street
2nd Floor, COB Bldg.
Philadelphia PA 19107
Fax: (215) 955-1234
Fax: (215) 405-2517

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  • Neurology

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  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • Methodist Hospital Division of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


Dr. Serruya sees patients participating in the Executive Brain Health Program in Villanova, PA. Patients interested in the Executive Brain Health Program should call (215) 503-9070. All other patients should call (215) 955-1234.


  • Brown University School of Medicine, Medical School


  • Brown University School of Medicine
  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania


  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Recent Publications

Connecting the brain to itself through an emulation

Analysis of spontaneous calcium signals to infer functional connectivity within a novel 'living electrode' neural construct

Engineered Axonal Tracts as "Living Electrodes" for Synaptic-Based Modulation of Neural Circuitry

Neural substrate expansion for the restoration of brain function

The evolution of neuroprosthetic interfaces

As we may think and be: Brain-computer interfaces to expand the substrate of mind

Bottlenecks to clinical translation of direct brain-computer interfaces

Clinical comparison of99mTc exametazime and123I ioflupane SPECT in patients with chronic mild traumatic brain injury

Power shifts track serial position and modulate encoding in human episodic memory

Meditation and neurodegenerative diseases

Brain-machine interfaces: Electrophysiological challenges and limitations

Techniques and devices to restore cognition

Fiber optic guided functional electrical stimulation with microscale photovoltaic neurostimulator devices

A microscale photovoltaic neurostimulator for fiber optic delivery of functional electrical stimulation.

Fiber optic guided functional electrical stimulation with microscale photovoltaic neurostimulator devices

Decoding movement intent from human premotor cortex neurons for neural prosthetic applications

Neuronal ensemble control of prosthetic devices by a human with tetraplegia

Case study: Reliability of multi-electrode array in the knob area of human motor cortex intended for a neuromotor prosthesis application

Robustness of neuroprosthetic decoding algorithms

Connecting brains with machines: the neural control of 2D cursor movement