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Omar Maarouf, MD

Jefferson University Physician

Academic Title: Assistant Professor


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Board Certifications

  • Nephrology
  • Internal Medicine

Hospital Affiliation / Admitting Privileges

  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


  • American University of Beirut, Lebanon, Medical School


  • American University of Beirut, Lebanon


  • American University of Beirut, Lebanon
  • Staten Island Hospital


  • Brigham & Women's Hospital

Recent Publications

Ischemia augments alloimmune injury through IL-6-driven CD4+alloreactivity

Novel Application of Localized Nanodelivery of Anti–Interleukin-6 Protects Organ Transplant From Ischemia–Reperfusion Injuries

Correction: Does NGAL reduce costs? A cost analysis of urine NGAL (uNGAL) & serum creatinine (sCr) for acute kidney injury (AKI) diagnosis (PLoS ONE (2017) 12:5 (e0178091) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0178091)

Does NGAL reduce costs? A cost analysis of urine NGAL (uNGAL) & serum creatinine (sCr) for acute kidney injury (AKI) diagnosis

Acellular Hypothermic Extracorporeal Perfusion Extends Allowable Ischemia Time in a Porcine Whole Limb Replantation Model

Targeted Delivery of Immunomodulators to Lymph Nodes

Paracrine wnt1 drives interstitial fibrosis without inflammation by tubulointerstitial cross-talk

Wnt signaling in kidney tubulointerstitium during disease

PI3kα and STAT1 interplay regulates human mesenchymal stem cell immune polarization

Pharmacological GLI2 inhibition prevents myofibroblast cell-cycle progression and reduces kidney fibrosis

Discovery of new glomerular disease-relevant genes by translational profiling of podocytes in vivo

SDF-1 activates papillary label-retaining cells during kidney repair from injury

Diagnostic and prognostic stratification in the emergency department using urinary biomarkers of nephron damage: A multicenter prospective cohort study

Correlation between glycated hemoglobin and mean plasma glucose in hemodialysis patients

The Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) and the Prediction of Kidney Outcomes After Lung Transplantation

Assessment of Kidney Function in Lung Transplant Candidates

The renal papilla is a niche for adult kidney stem cells