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Kara Lamattina, MD

Academic Title: Clinical Instructor

Pediatrics - Ophthalmology

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Hospital Affiliation / Admitting Privileges

  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


  • New York Medical College, Medical School


  • Cook County Hospital Chicago, IL


  • Cook County Hospital Chicago, IL

Recent Publications

Posterior capsular rent: Prevention and management

The Malaysian Cataract Surgery Registry: Risk Indicators for posterior capsular rupture

Pharmacologic interventions for mydriasis in cataract surgery

One Year Experience with Quality Control of Cataract Surgery Using an Internet-Based EUREQUO Database | Ein Jahr Erfahrung mit der Qualitätssicherung der Kataraktoperation (EUREQUO) an einem öffentlichen Spital

Effects of topical ketorolac tromethamine 0.45% on intraoperative miosis and prostaglandin E2release during femtosecond laser–assisted cataract surgery

Surgical pearls to minimize the incidence of posterior capsule rent

Anterior chamber intraocular lens in posterior capsular rent

Predisposing factors for posterior capsular rent

Refractive aim and visual outcome after phacoemulsification: A 2-year review from a Tertiary Private Eye Hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa

Clinical outcomes of 23-gauge pars plana vitrectomy for the management of posterior capsule rupture in phacoemulsification

The Melaka Hospital cataract complications study analysis of 12,992 eyes

Risk factors for corneal endothelial cell loss by cataract surgery in eyes with pseudoexfoliation syndrome

Comparison of vitreous loss rates between manual phacoemulsification and femtosecond laser–assisted cataract surgery

Distribution of pseudoexfoliation material on anterior segment structures in human autopsy eyes after cataract surgery with intraocular lens implantation

Posterior capsule rupture-causes, associations and outcomes: eight year analysis in a Malaysian General Hospital

Long-term results of phacoemulsification in pseudoexfoliation syndrome | Résultats à long terme de la phacoémulsification dans le syndrome pseudoexfoliatif

Complications of Cataract Surgery in Iran: Trend from 2006 to 2010

Guidelines for establishing quality outcomes in cataract surgery in an ambulatory surgery center

Prevalence of pseudoexfoliation syndrome and pseudoexfoliation glaucoma in population of north-west croatia aged 40 and over

Determinants of patient satisfaction and function related to vision following cataract surgery in eyes with no visually consequential ocular co-morbidity