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Renato Iozzo, MD

Jefferson University Physician

Academic Title: Professor
Director, Electron Microscopy

Pathology - Electron Microscopy

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  • Pathology

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  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • Methodist Hospital Division of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


  • Univ di Firenze, Italy, Medical School

Recent Publications

The perlecan-interacting growth factor progranulin regulates ubiquitination, sorting, and lysosomal degradation of sortilin

Decorin and biglycan are necessary for maintaining collagen fibril structure, fiber realignment, and mechanical properties of mature tendons

The angiostatic molecule Multimerin 2 is processed by MMP-9 to allow sprouting angiogenesis

Dissecting the CD93-Multimerin 2 interaction involved in cell adhesion and migration of the activated endothelium

A novel biological function of soluble biglycan: Induction of erythropoietin production and polycythemia

Steroid hormones are key modulators of tissue mechanical function via regulation of collagen and elastic fibers

Decorin-inducible Peg3 evokes beclin 1-mediated autophagy and thrombospondin 1-mediated angiostasis

Forced exercise-induced osteoarthritis is attenuated in mice lacking the small leucine-rich proteoglycan decorin

Proteoglycan neofunctions: regulation of inflammation and autophagy in cancer biology

Decorin-evoked paternally expressed gene 3 (PEG3) is an upstream regulator of the transcription factor EB (TFEB) in endothelial cell autophagy

Decorin is a devouring proteoglycan: Remodeling of intracellular catabolism via autophagy and mitophagy

The nature and biology of basement membranes

A current view of perlecan in physiology and pathology: A mosaic of functions

c-Src, Insulin-Like Growth Factor I Receptor, G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinases and Focal Adhesion Kinase are Enriched Into Prostate Cancer Cell Exosomes

Oncogenic activin C interacts with decorin in colorectal cancer in vivo and in vitro

Glycoproteomics Reveals Decorin Peptides with Anti-Myostatin Activity in Human Atrial Fibrillation

Endorepellin-evoked autophagy contributes to angiostasis

Decorin interacting network: A comprehensive analysis of decorin-binding partners and their versatile functions

αvβ6 integrin promotes castrate-resistant prostate cancer through JNK1-mediated activation of androgen receptor

Mechanisms of progranulin action and regulation in genitourinary cancers