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Robert Heinle, MD

Academic Title: Assistant Professor

Pediatrics - Pulmonary Medicine

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  • Internal Medicine

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  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


  • Temple University School of Medicine, Medical School


  • Christiana Care Health System


  • Christiana Care Health System


  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Recent Publications

Pacemaker endless loop tachycardia: termination by simple techniques other than magnet application

Magnet unresponsive pacemaker endless loop tachycardia

Termination of ventricular tachycardia by chest wall stimulation during DDD pacing. A report of two cases

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Significance of transient electrocardiographic Q waves in coronary artery disease

Electrocardiographic diagnosis of myocardial infarction during ventricular pacing.

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Hyperkalemia-induced failure of atrial capture during dual-chamber cardiac pacing

Double Sensing by Atrial Automatic Tacbycardia‐Terminating Pulse Generator

Cephalic vein guide wire technique for implantation of permanent pacemakers

Crosstalk Due to Activation of Atrial Sense Marker Function of DDD Pulse Generators

Mitral valve myxoma diagnosed by two-dimensional echocardiography

Paradoxical Induction of Endless Loop Tachycardia by Magnet Application Over a DDD Pacemaker

Clinical Usefulness of Chest Wall Stimulation in Patients with Automatic Tachycardia Terminating Pacemakers

Long‐Term Management of Ventricular Tachycardia by Implantable Automatic Burst Tachycardia‐Terminating Pacemakers

Oversensing by single-chamber pacemakers: mechanisms, diagnosis, and treatment.

Exercise-induced myocardial infarction due to coronary thrombosis

Programmability in DDD Pacing

Electrocardiographic analysis of normal and abnormal pacemaker function