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Eddy Garrido, MD

Jefferson University Physician

Academic Title: Clinical Assistant Professor

Neurosurgery - General

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Board Certifications

  • Neurological Surgery

Hospital Affiliation / Admitting Privileges

  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • Methodist Hospital Division of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


  • Santo Domingo Institute of Technology (INTEC), Dominican Republi, Medical School


  • Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, Canada


  • Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, Canada
  • Tufts/New England Medical Center


  • Hospital for Sick Children Toronto

Recent Publications

Lumbar disc herniation in the pediatric patient.

Lateral disc herniations [7]

Unilateral facetectomy approach for lateral lumbar disc herniation

Cerebral venous and sagittal sinus thrombosis after transcallosal removal of a colloid cyst of the third ventricle: Case report

Fatal complication of the "bonnet bypass": case report.

Experience with the suction-irrigation technique in the management of spinal epidural infection

Intraluminal dilatation of the innominate artery before extracranial-intracranial bypass: Case report

Painless footdrop secondary to lumbar disc herniation: Report of two cases

Transluminal dilatation of internal carotid artery in fibromuscular dysplasia: A preliminary report

Monitoring of activated clotting time during carotid endarterectomy: A preliminary report

Labiomandibular, transoral approach to chordomas in the clivus and upper cervical spine

Modified costotransversectomy: A surgical approach to ventrally placed lesions in the thoracic spinal canal

Closed irrigation-suction technique in the treatment of lumbar laminectomy infection: Case report

Gangliogliomas in children. A clinicopathological study

Removal of an arteriovenous malformation from the basal ganglion

Lumbar disc disease in children.

Gangliogliomas in children: A clinicopathological study

Spontaneous thrombosis of an intracranial aneurysm during treatment with epsilon aminocaproic acid

Microsurgical removal of intramedullary spinal cord tumors

Middle cerebral artery embolectomy. Case report