Jefferson University Hospitals

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Herbert Adler, MD

Academic Title: Clinical Professor

Psychiatry & Human Behavior - General Adult

Office Locations

1015 Chestnut Street
Suite 1000
Philadelphia PA 19107
Phone: (215) 880-1140

Medical Services

Years in Practice


Board Certifications

  • Psychiatry

Hospital Affiliation / Admitting Privileges

  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


  • Hahnemann University School of Medicine, Medical School


  • Roxborough Memorial Hospital


  • Institute of PA Hospital

Recent Publications

A piece of my mind - Actually

Relationships between scores on the Jefferson Scale of physician empathy, patient perceptions of physician empathy, and humanistic approaches to patient care: A validity study

Toward a biopsychosocial understanding of the patient-physician relationship: An emerging dialogue

Cost effectiveness of physiotherapy, manual therapy, and general practitioner care for neck pain. Economic evaluation alongside a randomized controlled trial | Kosteneffizienzvergleich von Physiotherapie, Manueller Therapie und hausäarztlicher Therapie in der Behandlung von Nackenschmerzen

Might a psychosocial approach improve our understanding of itching and scratching?

The sociophysiology of caring in the doctor-patient relationship

The sociophysiology of caring in the doctor-patient relationship.

The history of the present illness as treatment: Who's listening, and why does it matter?

Toward a multimodal communication theory of psychotherapy: The vicarious coprocessing of experience

Recall and repetition of a severe childhood trauma

Self-subjugation--a neurotic perversion | Hörigkeit--eine neurotische Perversion.

The role of the analyst in the treatment process: A contribution to the theory of therapy | DIE ROLLE DES ANALYTIKERS IM HEILUNGSPROZESS. ZUR THEORIE DER THERAPIE

Interpersonal psychotherapy: a communications perspective

A group-system hypothesis as an explanation of sociologic phenomena

Crisis, conversion, and cult formation: an examination of a common psychosocial sequence

The doctor-patient relationship revisited. An analysis of the placebo effect.