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Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Care at Jefferson

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If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, the experienced urologists and surgeons in Philadelphia at Jefferson Hospitals' Multidisciplinary Genitourinary Oncology Center and the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center can carefully guide you through the available treatment options to address all your medical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Our Multidisciplinary Genitourinary Oncology Center is one of a handful of centers in the U.S. dedicated to advanced patient care for prostate, bladder, kidney, testicular and other urologic cancers.

Jefferson Hospitals in Philadelphia offers one of the Delaware Valley's most comprehensive portfolios of diagnostic and treatment options for prostate cancer. In addition to state-of-the-art prostate imaging and biopsy services, we deliver a full complement of treatments, including:

  • Brachytherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)
  • Radiation therapy
  • Robotic-assisted prostatectomy
  • Vaccine therapy

When indicated, a prostatectomy can be performed either laparoscopically or via open surgery. Jefferson physicians were the first in the Delaware Valley to remove the prostate laparoscopically, and have extensive experience with and numerous scientific publications on the use of the da Vinci® Surgical System.

If your treatment involves radiation therapy, you will be treated at the Bodine Center for Radiation Therapy. It is the region's busiest radiation oncology center and focuses the collaborative efforts of highly accomplished radiation oncologists, surgeons, medical oncologists and other specialists in leading-edge cancer treatments including radiation implants, high-dose remote afterloading, intra-operative radiation therapy and hypothermia.

While hormone therapy has been the standard of treatment for advanced prostate cancer for more than 60 years, recently we have had good outcomes with androgen ablation through various means for patients with earlier stages of disease. The strongest evidence to date involves the use of hormonal therapy in combination with radiation therapy. Finally, the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson was the first in the area to offer sipuleucel-T (Provenge®), an exciting new immunotherapy treatment that has been shown in clinical trials to extend survival for patients with advanced prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

If you suspect you may have prostate cancer, turn to the experts at the Jefferson Prostate Diagnostic Center.

The Center is a collaborative effort among the Departments of Urology, Radiology and Pathology to provide state-of-the-art prostate imaging and biopsy services. It is involved in numerous clinical trials to evaluate the latest technology for the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

We are among the first in the Delaware Valley to offer MRI Fusion Biopsy. This innovative test provides our experts with the ability to get accurate results with fewer samples from a patient, lessening the chance of infection.

Color Doppler ultrasound units are used for the imaging of blood flow. Power Doppler is a newer and even more sensitive technique for the imaging of blood flow within small vessels. The recently developed technology of 3-D ultrasound is also used for better anatomic visualization of the prostate. Radiologists, urologists and pathologists collaborate for consultation with referring physicians and the provision of radiology and pathology reports in a timely fashion.

Patient and Family Support

You and your family will have a support network that includes specially trained nurses, educators, fellow patients and cancer survivors. Among the wide variety of support programs offered at Jefferson is our Buddy Program, which matches cancer patients with trained volunteer cancer survivors who have been through treatment themselves. These volunteers provide one-on-one support either over the telephone or on-site in the waiting area at the Bodine Center for Radiation Therapy.

Integrative medicine – which includes nutritional, stress reduction and complementary medicine – is a part of the Center and is provided at the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine. Ranked as a Top Hospital for Alternative Medicine by Philadelphia magazine, many alternative therapies are available at the Center.