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Jefferson Women's Primary Care has a collection of investigational assets and research experience among the the staff, all dedicated to providing the best possible care for women and their families.

  • 19 years experience in conducting clinical trials
  • Wide-ranging research & clinical expertise in endocrinology, cardiovascular disease, gynecology, and testosterone-replacement therapy for men
  • Multiple collaborative interdepartmental research projects


Jefferson Women's Primary Care proudly promotes knowledge about the effects of sex and gender on health by supporting:


Our clinicians are celebrated professionals who have taken the opportunity to publish a collection of their work. For example:


WPC-Book01Hormone Therapy: A Clinical Handbook

by Katherine Sherif, MD

A handbook that provides a comprehensive overview on hormone replacement therapy, with a range of key features that differentiate it from other titles on the topic.



WPC_Book02Women's Health in Clinical Practice: A Handbook for Primary Care

by Amy L. Clouse, MD & Katherine Sherif, MD

A book that clearly elucidates many of the key issues found in the disparate literature on sex-based differences in health and illness.



WPC_Book03The Patient in the White Coat: My Odyssey from Health to Illness and Back

by Rosalind Kaplan, MD

A wise and moving memoir of a young doctor's journey from health to illness and back again. Rosalind Kaplan had it all - loving husband, newborn son, and an Ivy-League medical degree with a promising career ahead. That was, until the day when an accidental "stick" with an infected needle changed everything.