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Jefferson Weinberg ALS Center

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Jefferson’s Farber Institute for Neuroscience is the proud home to the Weinberg ALS Center, which combines excellence in basic research with a robust multidisciplinary treatment clinic. The clinic is supported by The ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter.

The Weinberg ALS Center blends Jefferson’s unique strengths as an academic medical center by ensuring seamless coordination between physicians, neuroscience researchers, and a host of multidisciplinary professionals in the fields of nursing, social work, speech and language pathology, nutrition, and physical and occupational therapy. Professionals from these disciplines are present in a weekly multidisciplinary clinic, held on Fridays, thus ensuring that our patients see all the care providers they need during one visit. 

The Center also builds upon Jefferson’s leadership in telemedicine, providing patients with a way to make follow-up visits with members of their care team - without leaving the convenience of their home. 

While the professionals that compose the Jefferson Weinberg ALS Center and it's multidisciplinary clinic come from diverse backgrounds, their core goals are all the same. 

We strive to:

  • Provide compassionate, state-of-the-art care to patients living with ALS.
  • Employ innovative assistive technologies and therapies to maximize each patient’s level of independence. 
  • Meet the unique psychosocial needs of our patients.
  • Support, teach and empower each patient’s family members.
  • Employ telemedicine services to make receiving care as convenient as possible.
  • Train the next generation of ALS providers.

Most importantly though, we strive to engage in basic and clinical research and to integrate that research directly with the clinic to expand effective treatment options for ALS – all with the ultimate goal of finding a cure.

Make an Appointment

Appointments are available every Friday for patients with a confirmed diagnosis of ALS. Diagnostic services are also available. If you have been told you have ALS, or have been asked to see an ALS specialist for a possible diagnosis, we can help. Please call the Jefferson Weinberg ALS Program Manager, Kate Monahan at 215-503-4294 or 215-955-8800.