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Jefferson Specialty Pharmacy

Welcome to Jefferson Specialty Pharmacy

We provide medications that are often used to treat complex or chronic medical conditions and are generally not available in retail pharmacies. Our Specialty Pharmacy Team is committed to ensuring convenient and timely access to these essential therapies.

Many specialty medications require special insurance authorization. Some might require approval from the manufacturer. Our dedicated customer support staff handles all of the complexities of providing these medications.

We are committed to patient safety and therapy adherence to optimize outcomes. Our clinical staff works closely with our patients and their physicians to manage specialty medication regimens. Pharmacists provide patient education, perform drug therapy assessments, monitor for potential side effects, and evaluate factors which might impact adherence to therapy.

Getting Started with Jefferson Specialty Pharmacy

We are committed to continuity of patient care. We will assist with all prior authorization processes and inform you when we are able to fulfill the prescription. Our driver will deliver your prescription to your home, workplace, or doctor’s office during your next appointment, based on your preference. 

Contact us

Our hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Phone: 215-955-8154


We will ask you some basic information to begin processing your prescription. Ask your doctor to send your prescription electronically to "Jefferson Specialty Pharmacy at 919." We will work with you and your physician to obtain prior authorization from your insurance and then the drug manufacturer, as needed. We offer free delivery of the specialty prescription once approved.