Jefferson University Hospitals


Weight Management Center (See Also: Comprehensive Weight Management Center)

Rather than focusing on the latest diet, workout plan, or the number on a scale, our Jefferson Health professionals prefer to focus on you.

Wills Eye Hospital (See Also: Ophthalmology)

From common eye problems to rare sight-threatening diseases, Wills Eye Hospital provides general eye care and nine subspecialty services attracting patients from throughout the Delaware Valley, across the country and around the world.

Jefferson Weinberg ALS Center

Our Weinberg ALS Center blends Jefferson’s unique strengths as an academic medical center by ensuring seamless coordination between physicians, neuroscience researchers, and a host of multidisciplinary professionals.

Women's Diagnostic Center at Methodist Hospital

The Women's Diagnostic Center is dedicated to breast evaluation and imaging tests for women and strives to offer the highest level of privacy, comfort and convenience to our patients.

Women's Health

Whether you're young and single, planning a family, or facing mid- or late-life changes, Jefferson’s widely respected obstetricians and gynecologists can provide you with high-quality personalized and compassionate care.

Women's Primary Care

Jefferson Women's Primary Care offers comprehensive care, singularly concerned with the overall health of every patient.

Vascular Wound Care Program

The Wound Care Program at Jefferson Vascular Center in Philadelphia is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic vascular wounds.