Jefferson Health

Integrative Cancer Care Program

The major elements of the Integrative Cancer Care Program through the Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine are done collaboratively with the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson, making the cancer care experience uniquely innovative and personalized. Our Center's Cancer physician works with the rest of your Oncology team to maximize healthfulness and quality of life, and to minimize cancer-related symptoms and distress. A broad range of helpful modalities are tailored to optimize cancer care, including diet and nutrition, stress reduction, acupuncture and physical fitness.

How We Integrate Complementary Therapies into Your Cancer Care

Many patients who have cancer actively explore complementary therapies such as vitamins, special diets, herbs and acupuncture. We have the expertise in these treatments and how to "integrate" them in your overall cancer care:

  • Each individual can be empowered to bring greater wellness and healing into his or her own life.
  • The Center uses therapies that can support and strengthen overall health. For instance, some may enhance immune function. Others may be useful in reducing symptoms, such as pain, nausea and anxiety.
  • Every individual is unique and no single set of recommendations can be made for everyone. We perform a full medical assessment with one of our board-certified physicians to arrive at an integrative plan that makes sense, and is tailored to each individual. Some of the evidence-based therapies we utilize include:
    • Diet enhancement and sensible nutritional supplementation to maximize strength and well-being throughout the cancer treatment process
    • Intravenous Vitamin C
    • Stress reduction therapies including psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, and imagery work
    • Massage therapy
    • Acupuncture to ease cancer-related pain and reduce nausea from cancer medications
  • We work collaboratively with your treating oncologist, cancer surgeon, and primary care physician.

Physicians at the Center of Integrative Medicine have expertise in the application of a range of supportive, complementary therapies to benefit patients who have cancer. They will work closely with your cancer doctors to find a program that is beneficial for you. Center physicians and therapists would be glad to discuss any of the therapies offered in our Integrative Cancer Care Program.