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If you think you may be at an increased risk of developing cancer turn to the experts of Jefferson's Clinical Cancer Genetics Service. Our staff includes a genetic counselor, an advanced practice nurse in Genetics, medical oncologists and other clinical specialists.

Clinical Cancer Genetics Services: What We Offer

Our staff provides genetic risk assessment, genetic counseling and genetic testing. Our goal is to help you and your family manage your cancer risk.

A hereditary cancer syndrome occurs when a genetic change in DNA called a "mutation" is inherited from either parent. Such a mutation can also start as a new change in a person.

Why Should I Have a Cancer Risk Assessment or Cancer Genetic Counseling?

Our Cancer Genetics team helps you understand reasons to consider having a cancer risk assessment or cancer genetic counseling, including:

  • Early age at cancer diagnosis (usually under age 50 but may vary)
  • Any woman diagnosed with breast cancer at age 45 or younger regardless of family history
  • Any woman diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) at age 60 or younger
  • A combination of certain cancers in you or your family. For example, breast and ovarian cancer; colorectal and uterine cancer; sarcoma, brain tumor and breast cancer
  • More than one type of cancer diagnosed in you or a family member
  • Any Ashkenazi Jewish woman with breast or ovarian cancer regardless of age of diagnosis
  • Any man with breast cancer, or close relative of a man with breast cancer

Make an Appointment with the Cancer Genetics Team

For breast/ovarian cancer syndromes and breast/ovarian cancer risk assessment

Contact Sue Miller-Samuel, RN, MSN, Advanced Practice Nurse in Genetics, at 215-955-9098.

For all other cancer genetic inquiries

Contact Stephanie Winheld, MS, Genetic Counselor, at 215-955-1011.