Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Center

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Nearly 5 million patients are living with heart failure, and 550,000 new cases are reported every year. As a heart care patient at Jefferson, a knowledgeable and skilled team of physicians, surgeons, nurse coordinators, psychologists, pharmacists, dieticians, researchers and staff with robust expertise and state-of-the-art resources will support you.

The Jefferson Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Center is the paradigm for exceptional cardiac patient care, research, education and a healing environment. The Center offers innovative, evidence-based medical care for patients with heart failure, providing a full range of medical and surgical options including investigational treatments and state-of-the-art transplants. Our cardiologists and surgeons have collectively performed more than 1,200 heart transplants.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Heart Care

Our medical staff works in close collaboration with referring physicians as well as specialists in other medical disciplines on staff at Jefferson to chart the best course of care. You will benefit from:

  • Tailored Therapy – You will receive a customized plan of treatment specially designed to meet your specific circumstances and needs, regardless of the stage of cardiomyopathy.
  • Continuity of Care – We consult with your referring physician closely throughout the entire course of your treatment.
  • Multidisciplinary Expertise – Our Center also collaborates with Jefferson Hospitals' widely respected specialists in various medical fields, as appropriate to your needs.

The outstanding team of specialists at Jefferson is dedicated to restoring and improving your quality of life and providing peace of mind.

If more conventional therapies have failed to help treat your heart disease, you may be a candidate for a heart transplant. A transplant evaluation will educate you about transplantation and let you know if you are a suitable candidate. Physicians and nurses will work closely with you to ensure you are participating in your own care. Our cardiologists and transplant specialists stress a multidisciplinary approach that integrates science, health, psychosocial and social work to create an optimum environment for your return to health.

Advancing Heart Failure Research

Jefferson physicians and scientists are advancing research into new approaches in detecting, understanding, treating and preventing heart failure. Patients of the Jefferson Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Center are able to access investigational drugs and monitoring devices through promising clinical trials. In recognition of its expertise, Jefferson recently received an $11.6 million grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to study novel mechanisms of heart failure.

Jefferson is also involved in developing investigational protocols of the process in which the immune systems of certain patients reject heart transplants and of treatments to prevent rejection. 

Jefferson has the distinction of being the first hospital in Pennsylvania to implant a Jarvik 2000 Heart Assist System. Jefferson is certified by the Joint Commission for Ventricular Assist Device Destination Therapy.