Jefferson Health

Press Contacts

Members of the media can talk with one of Jefferson's top doctors or researchers. Provided below is a list of the many departments and services at Jefferson to help you find the right media representative to connect with. Or, contact our office for assistance at 215-955-6300.

Specialty Contact Phone
Anesthesiology Gianna DeMedio 215-955-5507
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
Cancer Biology Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
Center for Translational Medicine Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
College of Biomedical Sciences Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
College of Health Professions Gail Benner 215-955-2240
College of Nursing Gail Benner 215-955-2240
College of Pharmacy Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
College of Population Health Gianna DeMedio 215-955-5507
Dermatology & Cutaneous Biology Gianna DeMedio 215-955-5507
Emergency Medicine Gianna DeMedio 215-955-5507
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases Gail Benner 215-955-2240
Family & Community Medicine Gail Benner 215-955-2240
Gastroenterology/Transplant Gail Benner 215-955-2240
Heart & Vascular Gail Benner 215-955-2240
Hematology Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
Hospital Medicine Gail Benner 215-955-2240
Infectious Diseases & Environmental Medicine Gail Benner 215-955-2240
Integrative Medicine (Marcus Institute) Gail Benner 215-955-2240
Internal Medicine Gail Benner 215-955-2240
Medical Oncology Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
Medicine Gail Benner 215-955-2240
Microbiology & Immunology Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
Nephrology Gail Benner 215-955-2240
Neurosciences (Neurology, Neurological Surgery,
  Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience)
Gianna DeMedio 215-955-5507
Office of Technology Transfer Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
Ophthalmology/Wills Eye at Jefferson Gianna DeMedio 215-955-5507
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Gianna DeMedio 215-955-5507
Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery Gianna DeMedio 215-955-5507
Pathology, Anatomy & Cell Biology Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
Pediatrics/duPont Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
Psychiatry & Human Behavior Gianna DeMedio 215-955-5507
Pulmonary, Critical Care, Allergic
  & Immunologic Diseases
Gail Benner 215-955-2240
Radiation Oncology Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
Radiology Gianna DeMedio 215-955-5507
Rehabilitation Medicine Gianna DeMedio 215-955-5507
Rheumatology Gail Benner 215-955-2240
Rothman Institute at Jefferson (Orthopedics) Gail Benner 215-955-2240
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (cancer) Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291
Sidney Kimmel Medical College Gianna DeMedio 215-955-5507
Surgery Gianna DeMedio 215-955-5507
Urology Gianna DeMedio 215-955-5507
Women & Children Edyta Zielinska 215-955-5291