Mission, Vision and Values


Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals is dedicated to improving the health of the communities we serve.

We are committed to:

  • Setting the standard for excellence in the delivery of patient care, patient safety and the quality of the healthcare experience
  • Providing exemplary clinical settings for educating the healthcare delivery professionals who will form the collaborative healthcare delivery team of tomorrow
  • Leading in the introduction of innovative methodologies for healthcare delivery and quality improvement

We accomplish our mission in partnership with Thomas Jefferson University and as a member of Jefferson Health System.


  • To be a national leader for excellence and innovation in the delivery of health care and patient safety, continually improving the quality of services and the patient care experience
  • To be the model of service in our focused clinical service lines and in related patient-oriented research and clinical trials
  • To provide exemplary clinical settings that support the education of future health care practitioners, both as individuals and as members of the collaborative health care delivery team
  • To be an 'employer of choice,' providing a highly rewarding environment for our employees


The behaviors our employees demonstrate daily to patients and their fellow staff enable Jefferson to continue with its mission and exemplify our values. Jefferson's values define who we are as an organization, what we stand for and how we continue the work of helping others that began here nearly two centuries ago. These values are:

  • (i) Innovation – Renew, change or create ideas, services, technologies and/or ways of doing things that provide organizational value
  • (S) Service Excellence – Provide exceptional service to our customers, including patients, families and fellow employees
  • (C) Collaboration – Work effectively with others across the Jefferson community to achieve a common purpose and create value 
  • (O) Ownership – Take responsibility for achieving excellent results 
  • (R) Respect – Demonstrate a consistently open-minded and compassionate approach to all
  • (E) Empowerment – Take action to control work and decision-making to affect positive outcomes